Welcome to Jukio's cozy [cyber] space about music, composition and more.

The Process:
The Tower


A bit about analog synthesizers, improv music and my relationship with horror genre and anxiety. Looking back at my 2-track 40-minute long dark/horror ambient album from 2017. [Read post]

The Process:
Kings and Queens of Wasteland Revisited


For the 5th anniversary of Nuclear Throne's release I revisited the striking ending song of the game. Here's some thoughts on the original, the new version and some meanings behind the text. [Read post]

So it has come to this, Jukio's blog


Blogins. (That's short for blog begins.) Some explanation on why I'm starting this little personal space and a bit about artist statements. Beware: under_construction.gif. [Read post]

Cool places and people:

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here's a tiny forest for you. the secret word is plamtree!