Jukio Kallio

Jukio Kallio

Japan-born Finnish composer and singer-songwriter Jukio Kallio makes music that leaps between intimate minimal pop to life affirming ambient compositions and world-building soundtracks.

Kallio's widely recognized distinct sound in video games and prolific personal production hails from his cozy studio in a corner of a small forest in Helsinki.

Soundtracks of the massive hit game 'Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout', along with BAFTA-nominated 'Minit' (2018) and 'Nuclear Throne' (2015), show his ability to craft diverse and instantly recognizable musical identities.

'Kuvankaunis' is Kallio's second solo album. His Finnish vocals that explore sexuality with a rare vulnerability, catchy pop melodies and minimalistic production with lush guitars and drum machines take Kallio's sound to a completely new level. Two of the singles 'Kevyenä leijuvana' and 'Kuun Laulut' instantly hit Finnish national radio waves and was added to some of the top Spotify playlists at release.

When not dreaming up new melodies in the studio, Kallio entertains his partner and newborn baby with a guitar and a dance.


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Photo by Rudolf Westerholm